Genuine asus laptop gl752v battery 48Wh 4-Cells


Parameters of Battery

  • Battery technology: Li-ion
  • Output voltage (volt): 15.0Volt
  • Capacity: 3200mAh /48 Wh / 4-Cells
  • Color:Black
  • Condition: New,100% Original
  • Warranty: 6-Months / 30-Days Return

List of packages:

  • 1 x Battery for Acer
  • Note: Please make sure your shipping address is correct and deliverable.



Genuine asus laptop gl752v battery 48Wh 4-Cells

This laptop battery work with:


GL752JW, GL752VW-T4064D
GL752VL, GL752VW-T4065D
GL752VL-1A, GL752VW-T4077T
GL752VL-2B, GL752VW-T4079T
GL752VL-GC057T, GL752VW-T4091T
GL752VW, GL752VW-T4104T
GL752VW Serie, GL752VW-T4105
GL752VW-1A, GL752VW-T4108D
GL752VW-2B, GL752VW-T4122T
GL752VW-3B, GL752VW-T4130T
GL752VW-DH71, GL752VW-T4137T
GL752VW-GS71, GL752VW-T4138T
GL752VW-T4004T, GL752VW-T4179T
GL752VW-T4016D, GL752VW-T4180T
GL752VW-T4243T, GL752VW-T4188T
GL752VW-T4322D, GL752VW-T4189T


N552VW-1A, N552VW-FY132T, N552VX-FW320T
N552VW-1B, N552VW-FY136T, N552VX-FY012T
N552VW-2A, N552V-W-FY136T, N552VX-FY017T
N552VW-FI040T, N552VW-FY254T, N552VX-FY024D
N552VW-FI043T, N552VX, N552VX-FY026T
N552VW-FI056T, N552VX -FY024D, N552VX-FY071T
N552VW-FI057T, N552VX-1A, N552VX-FY103T
N552VW-FI140T, N552VX-2A, N552VX-FY104T
N552VW-FI202T, N552VX-FI018T, N552VX-FY105T
N552VW-FW026T, N552VX-FW027T, N552VX-FY137T
N552VW-FW055T, N552VX-FW038T, N552VX-FY200T
N552VW-FY059T, N552VX-FW097T, N552VX-FY209D
N552VW-FY060T, N552VX-FW120T, N552VX-FY299T
N552VW-FY083T, N552VX-FW131T, N552VX-FY382T
N752VX-GC190T, N552VX-FW140T, N752
N752VX-GC197T, N552VX-FW197T, N752V
N752VX-GC234T, N752VX-GC128T, N752VX
N752VW, N752VX-GC133T, N752VX-GC088T
N552V, N752VX-GC134T, N752VX-GC101T
N552VW, ,


UX450, UX480FD
UX450F, UX580
UX450FD, UX580G
UX480, UX580GD
UX480F, UX580GE

VivoBook Pro

VivoBook Pro N752VX, VivoBook Pro N752VX-GC116T
VivoBook Pro N752VX-GC049T, VivoBook Pro N752VX-GC131T
VivoBook Pro N752VX-GC087T, VivoBook Pro N752VX-GC138T
VivoBook Pro N752VX-GC089T, VivoBook Pro N752VX-GC139T
VivoBook Pro N752VX-GC094T, VivoBook Pro N752VX-GC189T

ZenBook Pro

ZenBook Pro 14 UX450, ZenBook Pro UX450FD, ZenBook UX450F
ZenBook Pro 14 UX450F, ZenBook Pro UX480, ZenBook UX450FD
ZenBook Pro 14 UX450FD, ZenBook Pro UX480F, ZenBook UX480
ZenBook Pro 14 UX480, ZenBook Pro UX480FD, ZenBook UX480F
ZenBook Pro 14 UX480F, ZenBook Pro UX580, ZenBook UX480FD
ZenBook Pro 14 UX480FD, ZenBook Pro UX580G, ZenBook UX580
ZenBook Pro 15 UX580, ZenBook Pro UX580GD, ZenBook UX580G
ZenBook Pro 15 UX580G, ZenBook Pro UX580GE, ZenBook UX580GD
ZenBook Pro 15 UX580GD, ZenBook UX450, ZenBook UX580GE
ZenBook Pro 15 UX580GE, ZenBook Pro UX450, ZenBook Pro UX450F


This laptop battery for:

A41Lk9H, A41N1501

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